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Report-1 Islamabad

Just a quick update:

I am now in Islamabad, Pakistan and have been in the country about 10 days so far. It is very different from Iran, much dirtier for a start but greener in the punjab and this city is clean, mainly because they have banned the two stroke rickshaws which belch out the blue smoke. The standard of driving is slightly better than Iran in that they are slower and tend to pull over for overtaking but there are now rickshaws, donkey and camel carts to watch out for as well as the trucks. It is extremely slow going if you go off the main National highway and the one motorway that would have made life a lot safer and easier is off limits for motorbikes!! I was chased off it twice by the police!

I am in the campsite here where the other overlanders gather and we are waiting for Indian visas. In the meantime I will go up the Karakoram Highway. The Suzuki is still behaving very well and the tyres, chain and sprockets are all ok, so far. Nearly all the tourists got the runs as soon as they reached Quetta, the first town in Pakistan but it is cheap and easy to get antibiotics so we have all recovered apart from one Spaniard who is still sick.

I will write a full report before I leave the country in a couple of weeks or so.

Love Linda

And here you can see some pictures from Iran.

Just an other (funny) mail from Linda:

Hi Heiner,

I am so glad that you have received them because I have been in this cafe sending them for over 3 hours!! I just hope they are the right size etc for you.

Have a good time drinking the Bavarian beer. I would kill for one now!! No alcohol in Pakistan and it is Ramadan, so no food either during the day.

Love Linda

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