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See you by prasad from USA/India on 04.08.2006 03:08
What an amazing trip, Linda! I wish you all the very best. I have been reading all about your adventures, it is truly inspiring. It makes me want to hop on my bike and take a long ride.
Great going, and good luck!

Enjoy!! Haha! LOL! by
Fredrik & Martin on 17.07.2006 11:54
Hi Linda!
Good luck on your future journeys. From the Swedish guys in Nong Kiew.

Ps. Thanks for the lovely song about Sweden. Now we cant get it out of our heads.


by Jana Tuhackova from Czech Rep on 12.07.2006 11:31
Hello Linda,
I got your postcard from India with your web. It nice to see you after years. I’m quite surprised hearing from your journey. It must be very interesting. I wish you good lack on your journey.
My latest news: I got married, for photos see web of my friend (
http://borekv.jikos.cz/janule) and now we are waiting for a baby ))
Are in tough with Barbara??? Could you send me her mail ( I moved many times and I probably lost contact, thanks)
I m looking for news about you

Jana Tuhackova by Rud Ward from New Zealand on 30.06.2006 16:09
We met Linda yesterday en route from Phonsavan to Luang Prabang in Laos. What a remarkable young woman! Unfortunately she lost her camera here in Luang Prabang today, with nearly 512Mb of pictures in it; we met her just afterwards and did our best to comfort her. Hope it turns up, Linda.


by Hilary & Wak (and Emily!) from La Linea, Spain on 29.05.2006 14:28
Hi Linda

Just to let you know I’m in an internet cafe in La Linea, showing Wak your site for the first time. He´s impressed! Good to see other messages from people we know (Kees, Lenny, Birgit ... hi all!).

Hope to be getting landline and internet at home soon, and also a builder later on this week, so we may have a house with a bathroom and kitchen before the winter!

Take care, Love Hilary


Wak & Emily xxx by jorge on 24.05.2006 10:40
Hola Linda!

Cada vez que recibo tus mails o escucho el cd que nos regalaste en Islamabad me muero de ganas de preparar la mochila y salir otra vez de viaje. Espero que eso suceda pronto y podamos encontrarnos en algún lugar del mundo!

Un abrazo muy fuerte desde el País Vasco y mil besos!

See you soon!


by globetrotter-jr from worldtrip - on tour on 23.05.2006 16:43 Homepage: http://www.globetrotter-jr.de

we found exciting reports on a journey and beautiful pictures on your Website. We look forward already to next virtual seeing again.

We are since 2 years on route on our voyage round the world, the reports can you read on our Website.

We would be pleased, if you present your Website in our “world - travel – forum”.

Here for all cases still the link to our Website:


we wish you all the best and always a saftey journey

The Globetrotters BGR & JR
Brigitte and Juergen


by RalEva - Ralf & Eva - Die Motorradnomaden from Germany on 13.05.2006 06:23 Homepage: http://www.Motorradnomaden.de
Dear Liond,

it was a pleasure to meet you!!
Hope we we see us again!!

Ralf & Eva

around the world on 2 motorbikes


by fred,the big german bmw biker from on the road of the world,last germany in 32339 es on 06.05.2006 17:09 Homepage: http://www.fredontour.de
hello little little linda
great to read thats all ok with you and the bike, I wish you not so much trouble and work with the coustoumer in bangkok to pick up your bike ,i make this in chennai with a lot off time and problems, stay in chiang mai, thailand and I think i will be going in 1 week to laos over chiang khong border,wish you all the best and a saftey journey,hold the mirrows down,
from fred the big german biker with bmw


by erica from scotland on 05.05.2006 19:28
amazing to think that you have been away for more than a year. you are totally inspiring and, as i plod along in a reasonably predictable life, it really helps to think that when i am 60, i can do similar!!

thanks hugely, love, erica


by Hermawan from Jakarta, Indonesia on 18.04.2006 19:28
hi Linda...what a awesome trip. Wish God bless you forever.
Good luck, mam !


by chetan from Nainital India on 13.04.2006 07:32
Hi linda ma'm
regards. u r really inspiring one. u know i shared about u to most of my friend and they were also amazed. perhaps by this time u ll b in Thailand (isn't it?) i pray to god for ur happy and comfortably safe journy. Love by
Henk Vlasma from holland on 25.03.2006 14:53 Homepage: http://www.meteospecialist.nl
Linda we met in Delhi hotel landmark inn whit the members 0ff 60kph.
ill think we had a great time in India and it whas beutiful too ride overthere.
ill wil reed your adventures from time to time and wish you well.
regards Henk by


jade from melb, australia on 22.03.2006 03:27
WOW! you are amazing linda. what an adventure you are on. i have been reading all of the post and it gets me sooo excited. hopefully come jan 07 i will be doing a similar ride, but in reverse. would love to catch up and hear some stories when you make it to OZ! good luck
jade x by erica from scotland on 26.02.2006 19:16
hello linda, another fan writing in! just totally fantastic, links with projects in india a fab balance to the leisurely life of the beach bum!

diana and i raised glasses and thoughts to you in spain - you are very much missed there, of course.

keep safe,

love, erica


by Sameer from Bangalore on 22.02.2006 14:26 Homepage: http://beyondspiti.blogspot.com
What an awesome trip u're on! Congratulations, and hope you have a great rest of the journey.
I'm dreaming of biking it to Europe someday - on an Indian bike (not the Bull). Your trip is inspiring fuel to the fire. Thanks.


by Richard & Tarina from England on 17.02.2006 01:51
Hi Linda
Thank you for the Christmas card. Has Casa Los Amigos been sold or is your sister managing it? I have had a Honda Hornet for a couple of years now and I am very close to taking the leap and touring Spain on it. Will you be returning to Castellar? If so when? We really admire your sense of adventure and hope you are in great health. Take care and be lucky.
Richard & Tarina (Sheffield)


by jo forsyth from spain on 11.02.2006 12:13


by muzza from Perth Western AUstralia on 31.01.2006 00:57 Homepage: http://www.ozebook.com
Thrilled to see that Miss Two Wheels 1970 is still on the road....all the best from one of your oldest fans!!!! by
Chris Norton from UK on 27.01.2006 12:06
Hi Linda, Good to know theres life in the old biker yet. Trevor put me on to your site. I was riding around Shimla and also Nepal a couple of years ago. What wonderful people and places you get to. I had trouble getting over Kanzum La 14,500ft in two feet of snow. Real 'elephant' stuff (not the great grey hairy things). Hope things go well for the rest of your trip. I am hoping to do UK- Northcape-Algeria via St Petersberg-UK this year (0n a Norton naturally). Us 60 year olds need to put the young un in their place! by
bunny punia from india on 27.01.2006 07:06
hats off you ma'am..
when i met you in pune, i was really really taken aback.. a 60 something lady on a world tour on a bike, on her own!

you were really sweet and kind to take out time for the small photo shoot. when the article is out in our feb issue, i will scan it and email it to you for sure.

all the best for the rest of the trip.


by Shabnam on 26.01.2006 16:38
Hi Dear Linda

I am so proud of women like you ...
Ask of Martin about me , we my family and Martin became friends when he was staying in Iran ... I am from Tehran and would love to get to know you more


by Trevor Sawyer (saltbox) on 26.01.2006 00:25
Hi Linda
Been reading your exploits and adventures with avid interest. Makes my european jaunts look very tame.
Best Regards and keep safe


by Llyn Frost from Basingstoke, England on 24.01.2006 14:01
I think you are one brave lady. Firstly, I cannot even ride a motor bike, and secondly, my idea of roughing it is to need an extension lead for my electric blanket. Having lived in Pakistan for 9 months, when I was first married 28 years ago, I understood exactly what went on with the beaurocracy and uncertainty in the country. My husband worked in Iran for two years, and for you to have travelled across the country on your own is something that I would not dare think of, let alone do! Good luck, Linda, and keep on riding! You are a credit to the female of the species. by
Birgit Das Brot from Spain on 16.01.2006 20:41
Hi Linda, now also from me a very nice and successfull year - I'm yellous about you having all the time of the world ... and I still feel the most busy women waiting for my time ...
A big kiss and hug Birgit & kids


by Lee Skinner from Hamley Bridge South Australia on 16.01.2006 06:23
Hi Linda,

It's great to see you heading in the right direction.....it's all down hill from where you are now, isn't it??

I love reading your reports and the photos are awesome....loved the Turkish ones, particularly Gallipoli... Aim to get there myself in the next few years....

Keep the shiny side up - we look forward to seeing you in Adelaide when you get here.... by
coral ward from Yankalilla on 06.01.2006 11:16
hi Linda
Hope it is going really well, can't believe you are 60. Still, who would have thought here I am, about to turn 49 and have a 3 year old daughter. One never knows. Note the change in surname, easier for the family, but still a feminist, so don't despair. Funny to see that Carmel is also living down here, she is about 10 mins away, we have spoken on the phone, but still haven't caught up. We will hopefully soon.

Expect to see you when you rock up in Adelaide, just keep me posted. Plenty of room to stay here, you could even have a room rather than a tent!

Christmas has come and gone, with much ado over Father Christmas this year, Lily is into all of the joy and fun. Made our Christmas, and I'm sure many more to come.

Take care, and enjoy the journey.
Coral xxx


by Helen Bainbridge from Hamilton, Scotland on 27.12.2005 12:39
Hello, Linda!

It was GREAT to receive your postcard letting us know where you are!! A very belated 60th birthday - I celebrated my 50th a few weeks ago and I thought I was doing well having a good night out with some fiddling friends but, my God, INDIA??? I've spent most of this morning reading all your news - glad to hear you survived the earthquake in Pakistan - must have been terrifying. Sorry you won't be at CC in January, however, I think you'd rather be where you are. My fiddling has taken a back seat at the moment - am working for Glasgow Fiddle Workshop three days a week. I stared just over a year ago on a temp basis but am now there til March 2006 when they hope to make the job - as administrator - a permanent one! Am afraid there's so much work to do that I can't concentrate on my fiddle, however, hope to get some one-to-one lessons this coming year 'cos I miss it. GFW are hosting the fiddle school at Celtic in January - no Alisdair Fraser this year. We ran it in January 2005 with Alasdair - and Natalie - and it was a huge success. Hopefully, we'll repeat that success this year. Our tutor line up this time will be Andy Thorburn (Blazin' Fiddles), Pete Clark (Niel Gow Ensemble), Gordon Gunn (Session A9), Wendy Weatherby (Cello) and Mats Melin (Step Dance). CC will be even bigger in 2006 as there are some new venues - one devoted to song every night of the week, and two new "old" ones - which have been renovated - in the old City Halls and Fruitmarket in the Merchant City. We're having our annual ceilidh next Wednesday - 4 January - so this afternoon will be spent doing all the baking for that! How was your Christmas and where and how did you spend it? The weather here today is very frosty and sunny - a nice day for a walk. However, the east of England is to be very bad with snow. We're heading north to my brother's tomorrow - just for the day. We're building a new house in a village called Carrbridge - just north of Aviemore - which is to become our eventual retirement home. Weather permitting buidling should start at the end of January. Very exciting but after reading all your news I think it's a rather tame project!! If you get time to write - if at all possible - it'll be great to hear from you. We'll keep checking you website and stay in touch with you when we've any news. Please take care of yourself - you're looking great, by the way - and all the very best for 2006 when it arrives! Lots of love, Helen and Ray.


by Jeroen, Simone & Kiri on 26.12.2005 20:31
Hey linda,

Ofcourse many happy returns of the day, although a bit late
We are wel & we are very impressed you got to India!! We doubted you would make it
We wish you a very happy new year and we will keep reading your very interesting journeyreport!!

All the best & our love.


by kenny smith on 25.12.2005 05:15
Dear Linda, a very happy Christmas to you and belated birthday wishes also. You're some girl!! My 57th coming up in a week ! Best of luck with rest of your trip . Im stuck here in saudi for xmas still plugging away .Family all ok. Love Kenny


by DAVE butterfield from devon on 20.12.2005 16:14
HI linda
I finalay found someone to help me use a computer.Thanks for the card,i cant send you one this year,not sure where you are,Im glad alls well with you,looks like you had a good party,as usal.Sorry I couldnt make it.All the best for the rest of your journey,and Happy Christmas,


by Glenn from Bridgewater SA on 19.12.2005 03:17 Homepage: http://www.mountbarker4x4centre.com.au
Well well,

It really has been a long time since we last crossed paths. I have been getting all your cards over the years but you have never put a return address on them!!! Just a web page for a castella but I never got a reply from the contact us page...
I lost my address book somewhere in Zaire during an altercation with a tree that saw my luggage spread over the track and several pigmys helping me (and themselves) to get my gear back.
The short version is I went on down to Africa and spent about six years messing around before coming home to Australia. Only spent about three weeks here and went back to Africa again. Finally came home for good in 98 and worked on an Island resort for a few years then ended up down here in SA running my own 4x4 centre.

Anyway you have my folks address in Qld so send me a letter when you make it to Oz and let me know where you are. Will not bore you with any more details here but look forward to catching up with you when you make it "Home".


by antonio troya from san roque on 18.12.2005 22:30
hola linda,somos mari y yo y queremos felicitarte las navidades. Esperamos que lo estes pasando muy bien,cuando vengas ya nos contaras tus esperiencias,de vez en cuando visitamos tu pagina y tenemos que decirte que es estupenda,continua asi y podremos visitar tambien nosotros de tu esperiencia.El reportege es estupendo. Te volvemos a desear felices fiestas.


by Chris and Elke from Belgium on 14.12.2005 14:14 Homepage: http://www.transalpbikers.be
Hey Linda,

just read your report about your great birthday. Our song has been published to the globe and soon will be a major hit, I recon.
We enjoyed a nice day at the beach today! We're already 850 km from Chennai and will ship the bikes soon to Thailand (probably the safest for us and the bikes...). Meanwhile, we will celibrate Christmas and New Year and Chris' birthday in Kerala. Let us know if you are in the neighborhood!

Many greetz,

Chris and Elke


by HIRAK KANTI DUTTA from 753, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi-1, INDIA on 14.12.2005 11:28 Homepage: http://www.spaces.msn.com/members/hirakz
Dearest Linda!

Wow, what a ride. Awesome and Amazing. I will be following you through your website always. Ohh! how I wish I had info about your being in Delhi. You know what, I would have definitely DATED you You are my kinda woman, really! God Bless and Ride Safe.


by Carmel Sanders from Normanville, S.Aust. on 14.12.2005 07:42
All those years ago when we started with WIMA and your now 60, congrats and I'm 75, you'll never catch me. What a trip and I was excited at riding around Oz on the bitumen! I still see your white helmet just above the grape vines in the Barossa and terrified you'd get out of sight and I'd get lost. rofl. Go girl! and thanks for the card from India. I sent yours to Spain. Love your stories.


by Kees Dankers from Eindhoven (NL) on 06.12.2005 13:01
Hello Linda,
Got your Christmas card, thanks a lot. Of course we send you all the best seasons greetings as well. Unfortunately I only discovered about your 60th birthday when reading your reports so my congratulations are too late but well meant nevertheless. By the way I also only found out about this web-site from your Christmas card. Maybe you informed me before about it, but I have either forgotten it or misunderstood. And I am not very handy with these kind of things anyway. Two weeks ago we had a meeting with some men and women here at Johan's place who are planning a ride from India back to Holland on Royal Enfields. It was very nice exchanging travel experiences and listening to each others stories. I will give them your web-address so that they can also read about your adventures. All the best from all of us.
Kees Dankers


by Luk and Diane from Kalmthout on 05.12.2005 22:17 Homepage: http://the bagpipe and violin maker
Dear Linda,
We wish you all the best from Belgium and congratulations on your special day. We hope that you are enjoying your trip.We are following you on your website.Are you missing Luk's violin? Say hello to the Maharishi Yogi for us.A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from us all in Belgium.
Luk and Diane xxxxxxxx


by Anne on 05.12.2005 18:34
Hi Linda,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY fromt he other Golden Oldie in WIMA. Your reports are great and keep me up to date on your journey.

I may as well take this opportunity to wish you a happy Yuletide as well now and

Ride safe, Love Anne


by Tomas from Prague, CZ on 04.12.2005 23:53 Homepage: http://www.ultimad.net
happy birthday! I´ve been out on business for a while and could not e-mail you earlier! Your photos and travel reports are simply FANTASTIC! And your trip is something, what I wish to do once too. Really, but really jealousy looking at your shots and wish to be there Save riding and once again - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


by Lolly and Alan Jolley from Cody, Wyoming on 03.12.2005 16:50
You do look great! Thank you for sharing this fine adventure with us. Lolly


by LENNY OWEN from SPAIN on 03.12.2005 08:40
Hi Linda, glad you are okay. I am leaving Cassava Friday 9th. Dec. Need to spend more time with my wife who has to undergo more medical treatment. You are a real inspiration girl, good luck and safe journey, Lenny.


by pete orton from england fair kindom of burton on 02.12.2005 16:17
dear linda thanks for your card we are very excited to hear of your advantures callum is in love with motobikes at current we hope your tails will insiper him every one is ok i have a new polishis girl friend called anita call in on when you are traverling through
love pete ruby callum and antia


by Christine Manning from P O Box 379 Blackwood South Australia 5051 on 30.11.2005 02:59
Hi Linda
Happy birthday and you wear it so well.It was great to get the card and hear form you. We are all well. Paul still working hard at keeping the environment clean, David just finished Year 12 (feel like I did it too) and selected to play for Australia in the Worlds ice hockey. He will be in Czech in Feb and then playing the Worlds in Lithuania. Me harping (abit), weaving with Lizzie down at Goolwa, and still involved at church.
When will you be back at home and are you aventuring over here at any stage inthe future? All the best.
Love Christine


by bert from sunny sub zero bridlington on 26.11.2005 13:45
Hi Linda, got your postcard today from India...she sure gets around, that one!! Glad to hear youre ok, especially after getting caught up in the quake. spent a while reading about your adventures. remind me to check out those Czech strippers!will try to keep in touch.enjoy your travels. love Bert xxx


by Karen & Phil from Waiuku, NZ on 26.11.2005 05:43
Great to hear from you and get onto this website to follow your travels - yr birthday is 21 Nov? - same day as Reynes. Hope it was a wonderful celebration. Will keep watching a hope you make it to NZ
Karen Phil Shasa & Reyne


by gerhard on 24.11.2005 21:56
Hi Linda,

you're now in India,and you've celebrate your birthdayparty. But what can we just do for you?
Did you listen my announcements: " Happy
bithday...., she is a jolly good...,
have you seen the little piggies..

This weekend we will have our Schlechtwetterfest, that means: Cracy bikers are sitting round a big fire,
trinking tea from a big pot which is hanging above the fire. They talking about biketours which where happen just after the romans had left germania.
And very late, when the tea is ready, they start, äh, they try to sing.
And the only number one hit needs as text only one word. it calls haefale, haefale,....
We will sing on phrase for you..
Best wishes and further a good ride



by Antonio Troya from san roque on 19.11.2005 20:28
Linda espero que te encuentres bien,y que estes disfrutando ese viaje a través del mundo,nosotros estamos bien,Antonio se compró una Pan European (honda) un moto de turismo muy bonita y la ha pintado en blue. Te vamos a hechar de menos en la cena de navidad de este año.Angel ha tenido un baby y Jesús y May otro baby,todos bien..Un beso de parte de la familia Troya y de todos los amigos del motoclub besos..Antonio


by Gerard from Utrecht, Holland on 10.11.2005 22:28 Homepage: http://www.gradtintheworld.web-log.nl
Hi Linda,

I finally found your website address on a scratch of paper. You remember the Dutch guy in Shiraz on a Beemer. Well that's me. I arrived safely home here in good old wet Holland after very nice and happy trails. The Beemer did well only a broken light bulb almost boring. I met a lot of other very nice travelers but not as courage’s and happy as you. You're my hero.

Now I wish I was a 10.000 miles away some where near you to celebrate your birthday. Any way is careful and Happy Trails.




by Javi Castro from El Puerto de Santa María-Cádiz(Spain) on 09.11.2005 22:15
Hi, Linda. I´m very proud of being one of your faraway friends. You´re doing something wonderful to put so many nice persons in contact, from all around the world. Your adventure is showing that we can all be friends, no matter what goverments and armies say. I still remember that magic tin whistle sounding through the crowd at that rainy night concert in the Castellar Castle, I was lucky to be there to meet you. All the best for you and for faraway friends all around this beautiful planet. Kisses, Javi. by Markel from Euskadi (Basque Country) on 03.11.2005 09:16
Hi, Linda. We´re happy to know you´re safe.
Lots of love.
Greetings for all the faraway friends.


by anne n jan n phil from only uk on 29.10.2005 17:32
Hi there you...
Isn't it so good to have one member of the family with itchy feet and wanderlust, I did say wander lust! What did you think I said? We are in awe and envy of your travels and adventures to date, you may have been in the quake but we were quaking at the very thought of what you were suffering and experiencing in Islamabad. All of which will be etched on your memory forever I am sure.
Roll on 21 Nov and the BIG party in Rishikesh...did you hear me mention your age...certainly not, I definitely did not say you were approaching 60...
Looking forward to seeing you there, I will be the one wearing a red carnation and pushing a zimmer frame!!!
Take care and travel well..and may the road come up to meet you.
Om namah shivaya
Lol Anneeeeeeeeeeee


by erica from scotland on 22.10.2005 19:25
feeling very stay-at-home, seeing your pictures, reading your emails. you are totally brill! very glad you are with others going north. keep dry and warm in the worsening weather

erica x


by Antonio Caldeira from Oporto - Portuagl on 19.10.2005 16:27
Hi Linda, I'm happy to know that you're still on the move. I hope that the journey ahead will be smoother than it has been lately. Please keep us informed as often as possible. Don't
forget your "farawy friends"...

God speed

Antonio by
Andy Chernel from Uhersky Brod, CZ/Mombasa, Kenya on 17.10.2005 13:07
Nice one Linda (and heiner - of course!


by Mesut DO¥RU¥ from ADANA / TURKEY on 17.10.2005 12:05
Hi Linda,

I'm trying to find a way to go (Pakistan / Muzaffarabad). As you know I'm a doctor so may be I can help the people suffering there . If I can find a way to go I'll inform you and maybe see you there .

Take care,



3) by Ron Higgins from Port Lincoln, South Australia on 17.10.2005 05:36 Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/cellarclub2003
Looking forward to catching up sometime in 2006 ?
Following your adventures with great interest.....
"On Ya Bike!" Linnity Lin


2) by Linda Knight from Urmston, Manchester, England on 16.10.2005 21:37
Hi Linda, it must be very exciting what you are doing...and dangerous at times, when I was young I did some adventurous travelling, but not sure I could do it now. Mind you perhaps I have more creaky joints than you do!! Keep biking!! Linda x


1) by Heiner from Lichtenstein Germany on 15.10.2005 12:49 Homepage: http://www.haefale.de
Hi Linda,

I hope you will find the way through the destroyed Pakistan to India. We will stay in contact!

Heiner, your webmaster


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