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Linda on BMW: Start of the Trip in Castellar

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Words of Thanks

A Few words of Thanks,

As you can imagine in planning a trip such as this there have been many things to think of and prepare for months in advance. In my case, living in the very south of Andalucia, without the facilities enjoyed in northern European countries, I was unable to achieve even the basics, such as getting a bike, where I was living. I therefore needed the help of my German friends to get started and to sort out some of the maze of paperwork and bike preparation.

I would like to thank the following people for helping me achieve the start of this:

Jenny Kelso and Pete Hendrick in Cagnes sur Mer, France, for their inspiration for the journey and advice on the bike model and accesories.

Ralf Shaefele and Martin for hunting down the bike and preparing it in their workshop in Kirchheim u. Tech.
(the picture shows Martin)

Angela Brandl in Bavaria for her advice on the details of the journey and help with requesting the carnet.

A huge thank you to Frank and Christina Reiser, Kirchheim u. Teck, who have let me use their home and facilities many times as I have come and gone through Kirchheim and panicked over all the paperwork. Without their support I really could not have even started.

Heiner Häfale in Lichtenstein, who has set up this web site for me.

Obviously there are many other people in Europe who have given their help and friendship on the way, not least the mob in Spain, including Pam Lyon and Andy Clifton, who are looking after my Casas. Please know, everyone, that I will be eternally grateful and I hold all my Faraway Friends in my heart while I am on the road.

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