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Linda on BMW: Start of the Trip in Castellar

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After 21 Month the “project” is done...
Congratulations from your Webmaster!
Cheers, Heiner

The first Picture after the Start in Castellar: “This is a picture of me on the road the day I left Castellar, I met my friend Javi near Jerez so he could give me a Goodbye present.

Latest NEWS of Linda:

04.Feb.07 Report

04.Feb.07 Pictures from Australia and Gilli (more)

19.Jan.07 O-Tone Linda from Australia: There wont be much for me to report now...
Still looking for work which is much more mentally demanding than being on the road and depressing when no-one answers your applications.

16.Jan.07 O-Tone Linda from Australia: Just a quick update, I have the bike on the road now, using the carnet.All very expensive here and I will wait til I have a job before I import it and change the plates as it is much more money. The weather is wet but not too hot and really quite pleasant. I hope to make a few contacts soon and get out exploring but at present having interviews at the job centre and typing up resumes. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.....

15.Jan.07 More photos from Indonesia and East-Timor (more)

01.Jan.07 Ode to Indonesia

31.Dec.06 O-Tone Linda from East-Timor: The bike is cleaned waiting for shipment so O cant ride it anymore. Am not looking forward to being back in the western world and looking for work but it has to be.

06.Dec.06 More photos from Indonesia (more)

27.Nov.06 The 4th Indonesia-report (more)

11.Nov.06 The photos from Indonesia (more)

11.Nov.06 The photos from Malysia (more)

11.Nov.06 The third Indonesia-report from Java  (more)

11.Nov.06 The second Indonesia-report from Java  (more)

01.Nov.06 O-Tone Linda from Java/Indonesia: Just a quick update to say that I am now in Java and it is hot and dry here. Met some Aussie bikers just before I left Sumatra who have come from East Timor and say all is ok to get there and ship out. We swapped lots of information so it was lucky for us both.
Will write another report when I get to the next big town where internet should be faster and cheaper...I hope.

15.Oct.06 3 new photos... (more)

22.Oct.06 O-Tone Linda from Indonesia: I hope to have a birthday party in Bali with another Linda who has her birthday just the day before mine. She is an artist who lives in Bali. So, tentatively, the date is 20th or 21st November in Ubud, Bali. All welcome. I just hope I get there in time!

17.Oct.06 The first report from Indonesia/Sumatra (more)

17.Oct.06 The 4th report from Malaysia (more)

01.Oct.06 O-Tone Linda from Indonesia: I am now in Indonesia but the police have impounded my bike as they say foreign bikes are not allowed to ride here. I asked about this at the Embassy in KL before I came and they said no problem.
Tomorrow I go back to the police station and see if I can persuade them otherwise I have to go back to Malaysia. Other people have had probs here but some not. I hope that it will be ok if I go to Medan from Penang as others have done that. It is becoming very pensive though. Will keep you informed. Love Linda

29.Sept.06 O-Tone Linda from Malaysia: Had to put another battery on today 67,500. The one I got in Ipoh wasnot holding a charge and I dont want to be stuck so changed  here inMelaka today.
Also had to buy a new camera AGAIN as my Canon bought 7 weeks ago in Bangkok has jammed.!!!

29.Sept.06 Pictures from Malaysia (more)

25.Sept.06 The third report from Malaysia (more)

25.Sept.06 The ”KL-Blues” from Malaysia (more)

15.Sept.06 O-Tone Linda from Malaysia: Just getting new steering head bearings fitted on Suzy

03.Sept.06 The second report from Malaysia (more)

02.Sept.06 More pictures from South-Thailand (more)

29.Aug.06 O-Tone Linda from Malaysia: Latest news is that I am in Kota Bharu, near the South China Sea. Have just climbed the highest mountain on mainland Malaysia. Gurung Tahan 2187 metres. Not that high but very steep incline to get there through the jungle. Feet and leg muscles need some recovery time so am resting for a few days.

24.Aug.06 Setup new SUZY-Diary (more)

15.Aug.06 More pictures from Laos (more)

15.Aug.06 The Maiaysia-Report from August (more)

13.Aug.06 The 2 weeks old “Back in BKK-Report” (more)

09.Aug.06 O-Tone Linda from Malaysia: Just a quick news flash that I am now in Malaysia and the bike has done 52,000kms. What a wonderful machine!! Will be checking on the Indonesia visa tomorrow

29.July.06 More Pictures from Thailand + Laos (more)

24.July.06 Pictures from Thailand + Laos (more)

15.July.06 The July-Report; Laos II (more)

15.July.06 The July-Report; Thailand + Laos I (more)

24.June.06 Add the new FAQ of Linda to the website

24.June.06 The “Rest of June”-Report in Thailand (more)

07.June.06 The June-Report in Thailand (more)

06.June.06 Pictures from North Thailand and Burma (more)

17.May.06 O-Tone Linda from Bangkok/Thailand: I am back in Bangkok as I flew to Cambodia... (more)

16.May.06 Pictures from Nepal, Bangkok and Cambodia (more)

14.May.06 The May-Report to Thailand (more)

04.May.06 O-Tone Linda from Bangkok/Thailand: We landed last night and went to clear the bikes today which took a very long time and lots of patience. Now have them at the hotel and will be going into town tomorrow to find more info on the country and where to go. It is very hot and huimid and I miss the mountains already.

03.May.06 O-Tone Linda from Katmandu: Off to Thailand today, bike already there, I hope. Am travelling with 2 other German bikers so we have all our bikes together and will reassemble them at the airport in Bangkok tomorrow, I hope.

29.April.06 Pictures from South India (more)

27.April.06 Quick-Note from Katmandu/Nepal (more)

23.April.06 The March/April-Report to Nepal (more)

22.April.06 Crisis in Nepal as you can see on TV... (more)

10.April.06 O-Tone Linda from Pokhara / Nepal: There may be worse fighting here as the days go by, but the tourists are safe if they keep in their area...(more)

24.March.06 O-Tone Linda:I am in Rishikesh staying at my nephews but leave tomorrow for the hills and Nepal.

14.March.06 The March-Report from India (more)

13.March.06 O-Tone Linda:I am back in Bangalore and about to write another report and have another song...

28.Feb.06 The second January-Report from India (more)

19.Feb.06 Gauravs film “Riding Solo” has won awards in Bombay (more)

18.Feb.06 O-Tone Linda: Now I have come East again to Hampi and then south to Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. It is very hot here now and not much fun for sightseeing...

13.Feb.06 Pictures to the January-Report (more)

11.Feb.06 Pictures from Bombay (more)

09.Feb.06 The Street Kids Project of WIMA

04.Feb.06 The January-Report from Goa/India (more)

23.Jan.06 O-Tone Linda: Am just about to battle with Bombay traffic again, it is horrific!

22.Jan.06 Latest pictures from India (more)

22.Jan.06 A missing Report from Pakistan (more)

13.Jan.06 NewYear-Report from India (more)

24.Dec.05 Christmas-Report from India (more)

03.Dec.05 A new Linda-Song “The Elephantwalk” (more)

30.Nov.05 Indian Report 2+3 More about India... (more)

28.Nov.05 Pictures from India and Birthdayparty! (more)

28.Nov.05 Indian Report 1 “I am 60!!!” (more)

28.Nov.05 Pictures from KKH-Trip (more)

13.Nov.05 I have finally made it to Rishikesh (more)

4.Nov.05 Sitting comfortably on Larry... (more)

2.Nov.05 More Photos from Pakistan KKH-Tour (more)

1.Nov.05 11:19 MEZ   O-Tone Linda: I am now back in the relative safety of Islamabad... (more)

24.Oct.05 13:39 MEZ   O-Tone Linda: I have finally made it to the top of the KKH and had a drink of Bulgarian slivovitch... (more)

14.October 2005; Photos from Pakistan (more)

14.Oct.05 09:05 MEZ  O-Tone Linda: Am leaving tomorrow to go north again, at first in company with 2 Belgian bikers on Transalps, to see the situation.

11.Oct.05 12:01 MEZ  O-Tone Linda: I spent this morning trying to find any aid organisations that I could join to help the Earthquake victims...(more)

10.October 2005; ... Just a quick note to let you know that Suzi and I are safe... (more)

6.October 2005; Photos from the Iran-Trip (more)

6.October 2005; O-Tone Linda: I am now in Islamabad, Pakistan and have been in the country about 10 days so far. (more)

5.October 2005; Have just arrived in Islamabad and applied for my Indian visa and I will be here a couplke of days to rest after a hot, dusty journey.

29.September 2005; Invitation to Linda’s Birthdayparty in India (more)

26.September 2005; The September-Report: As you can imagine a lot has happened in the last month...(more)

26.September 2005; O-Tone Linda: I have just spent 2 days crossing the baluchistan desert which was hot and dry but interesting. Was hoping to find a beer here but no luck so far. I will be here in quetta for a couple of days and hope to get the Iran report done. I did part of it a couple of days agao but the computer didn'tsave it so I hav e start again. same thing happened in turkey!!

10.September 2005; O-Tone Linda: Am in Estafan, Iran. All ok! And some Pictures from Turkey...

2.September 2005; O-Tone Linda: I am now in Iran and the driving is very scary, just hope I  make it through in one piece.

29.August 2005; The August-Report: Hi everyone! It has been a long time since the last report and many kms. I will try and make this not too large...(more)

23.August 2005; Mail from Mesut: “ Hello Heiner, I'm Mesut Doðruç, from Adana/TURKEY who is the owner of the house she stayed in and up to what she asked me for I'm sending you the last photos of her which I took on the way.. and she wanted me to add one of my photo with my bike and send you. (more)

18.August 2005; The Gallipoli-Report and the pictures.
Pictures   Report  (There where some problems with sending the pictures. Thats the reason why they are that late on the page...)

18.August 2005; O-Tone Linda: These Pictures were taken by the guy (Gökhan Udur) who helped pick my bike up at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli (more)

17.August 2005; More photos from Istanbul (more)

10.August 2005; O-Tone Linda: Here are some photos from Istanbul. The last one of me and Baris would be nice on the site. (more)

10.August 2005; Latest Short-News: O-Tone Linda: ...I rode into a tremendous thunderstorm, thought I would be struck by lightening and couldn,t see anything for about 100kms,... (more)

05.August 2005; Latest Short-News: O-Tone Linda: I have finally got my Pakistan and Iran visas so will be leaving Istanbul this weekend and going to Gallipoli which is a Mecca for Ozzies.”

03.August 2005; Pictures from East-Europe  (more)
Heiner, the Webmaster:
“I got the pictures from a Onlineservice for Picturesharing in a low resolution. And also I think, that the dates on the photos are not correct and Linda´s comments for the pictures are missing... Sorry!”

02.August 2005; Linda´s July-Report (more)

27.June 2005; Linda’s Hymn online!

26.June 2005; Pictures from CZ: The pictures to the report from th Czech Republic. “Am now in Vienna but going to Moravia tomorow and then down to Bratislava..” Here is the Gallery

18.June 2005; Report from CZ: As I was waiting for my carnet to arrive and information on the Iran Visa I decided to go to Czech... (more)

16.June 2005; Report from Belgium and Holland: Well, after 3000 kms I am back in Kirchheim( near Stuttgart) and have got no further with the paperwork... (more)

13.June 2005; Prague: “At present I am in Prague waiting for a new ignition switch. I hope it will come very soon and I can be back in Germany for the HAeFALE-Party next weekend and then go on with my trip.”

09.June 2005; Prague: “Unfortunately I have some problems with the Suzuki, the ignition switch is playing up and I'm not sure if I can get it fixed here or if it will make it back to Germany where I know that there are Suzuki dealers. We are trying to see what can be done today.”

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