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Report Pakistan 3

Islamabad 1st. November 2005

Just a little tailpeice before I leave Pakistan....

Travels with Larry the lamb.

When I left Germany I was quite well padded with all the German sausage and beer that I had been drinking.

However, as the trip progressed and I have been dreprived of alcohol for three months in Muslim counties, the padding has disappeared and I was on the look out for a soft solution for the cut down Suzi seat to enable me to ride more than 50km without stopping.

As Elke, Chris and I were riding in the Skardu valley we saw some animal skins being dried in the road and so I stopped and enquired after a sheep skin. I had to buy the complete skin, tail, dags and all and carried it draped over the seat. Every time I stopped the flies swarmed round as it was not properly dried and cured so, when I arrived at Islamabad off came the tail and, having remembered the methods used for skin curing in Morocco, I took a leaf out of their book and used urine as well as salt and hung it up to dry on the washing line.

Now it is cut down and fitted, and is a softer option, though I dont know how hygenic.

And so to India.....  I hope the customs allow me through!!

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