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Linda on BMW: Start of the Trip in Castellar

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I would like to give you some links to the following web sites.
are some of the people I have met and also my Faraway friends in other countries. At this time I need to access all my friends and would like to share their adventures.

http://torbs.typepad.com  An overland motorcycle journey from the Himalayas to the Hemel en Aarde

www.transalpbikers.be  A one-year Trip around the world

www.grossereise.de  World-Tour by bicycle and TUK-TUK

www.juvan.info  From Slovenia to New Zewland

www.donnalange.com  Donna Lange - the Musician, the Sailor and her 28-foot Southern Cross sailboat

www.billswampymarsh.com  BILL 'SWAMPY' MARSH Author, Songwriter and Playwright

www.beansmusic.com  Michael Beans' Home Page

www.hectorsadventures.com From GB to Asia, Australia, Africa and back.

www.fredontour.de German Biker on the way to Australia.

www.cougar-rides.com this is an Indian Enfields rider who reports on rides around India.

www.angelabrandl.de Angelas web page

www.wimaworld.de Women’s International Motorcycle Association

www.60kph.com Motorcycle Travel Club, India

www.Motorradnomaden.de I met Ralf and Eva in Nepal - All around the world on motorcycles (german)

www.kellisnively.com An artist friend living in Michigan . USA

http://geocities.com/lavalon_edwin info on travelling in Indonesia

www.dutchpickle.com Info on East Timor

www.transasiatour.de German bike travellers

www.lindabuller.com Australian artist

Some other links with relatet material for Linda´s Trip:

Article in “The Hindu” about Linda

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