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Second News from Nepal

23th April 2006

Nepal in Crisis!

Hello Heiner,

As I expect yoy have seen on the news there is a big problem here in Nepal and it is unsafe to ride on the roads so I cant get to Katmandu to book my flight to Thailand. Other overlanders are also stuck.

So far tourists are ok if they stay in a certain part of Pokhara which is very comfortable but there are begiining to be food shortages and petro rationing. I have a full tank to make my escape if necessary but we are waiting on further developements. If I go to india again I still need to get a visa from Katmandu first so the situation is difficult.

However I had a good 9 day trek in the mountains and my bike now has new chain, sprokets and bearings and is going well.

I will try and get the latest report sent to you soon and resend the last fotos. I dont have a camera anymore as it disappeared in India and I havent been able to get a new one as all the shops are closed. It was hearbreaking not being able to fotpgraph the mountains except on a disposabel camera which I may be able to convert later to send you. Iy is difficult to spend time on the internet as the prices are exhorbitant in this area.


Thanks and lots of love



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