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Ballard of the Overland

Ballard of the Overlander            Linda Bick, India 2006


What makes you leave your home and your family

Your job and security so far behind

To face an existance full of uncertainty

Why be an Overlander


To travel the world and see all its wonders

Its places and people and cultures distinct

To lose fear of the unknown, put faith in humanity

That's being an Overlander


But don't you feel lonely lost and bewildered

How do you know which way to go

There are so many dangers in all those strange places

Where you are an Overlander


Yes, at times I feel lonely lost and bewildered

Often confused not knowing the way

But someone or something will happen to change thiongs

And help out an Overlander


The problems you face are outnumbered by pleasures

Life never is easy at home or abroad

But learning to trust is one of lifes treasures

In being an Overlander


Forget all the images painted by media

And open your heart and mind to the world

A smile is the only weapon expedient

In the pack of the Overlander


So I'll keep on my way across the great continents

To see many wonders both big and small

I'll help where I can and share out my knowledge

While being an Overlander


So raise up your glasses and toast all the travellers

We who have chosen to wander afar

And those left at home who keep us connected

Here's to you and the Overlanders

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