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Bent Pannier Song

First Song-Titles: The Bent Crash Bar Song or "Oops, and I've fallen off Again".

The Bent Pannier Song            Linda Bick, India 2006


In Pakistan the truck is slow, the road is long and straight

But he decides to make a turn just as I overtake

In the dirt along the roadside I use heavily my brake

Oops, and I've fallen off again!


Now there's an uphill mountain track with lots of rocks and water

To keep the throttle open now I know I really oughta

But the right turn in the middle, well, it takes a bit of thought..aaah

Oops, and I've fallen off again!


In Rajkot there's an accident, the traffic's in a queue

I creep up on the inside lane as that's the thing to do

A big truck clips my panniers as he tries to do it too

Oops and I've fallen off again


To navigate in Poona town it pays to be right cluey

And in case of misdirection you may need to make a U-ey

I'm wrong again, I have to turn, I must admit it's true..eeeh!

Oops and I've fallen off again!


The track is very muddy as it rained the night before

And just about my turning point is parked a red rickshaw

I didn't think I'd make it and right now I'm very sure

Oops and I've fallen off again!


The houseboats on the backwaters are really very grand

While riding alongside I have my camera in my hand

In looking for a photo shot I didn't se the sand

Oops and I've fallen off again


This bike is an enduro and it has endured a lot

Off road it is a superstar but I am just a clot

How many times I've dropped it now I really have forgot

Oops and I've fallen off again!!


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